Mission in the Philippines

Pastor Rene Sanchez

 Consolacion Baptist Church

We have been providing financial support for a church project for some time. We just recently sent some money so that the projrct could start building the new roof. we received the following e-mail along with the picture of Pastor Rene Sanchez holding the money on November 1st.

Dear Val,

We have received the funds in our church's account about two weeks ago. Our treasurer disbursed it immediately to Pastor Rene Sanchez the pastor of Consolacion Baptist Church. The project is now going on and I'm encouraging Pastor Rene to provide updates to Dwight about their project develoment.

I File Attach(ed) a picture of Pastor Rene receiving the funds in our my office. He's sending his gratefulness for your church for all the blessings God poured out to His church.

Thanks Val for facilitating the funds.


Ildefonso D. Alfafara Jr.
Senior Pastor
Mandaue City Baptist Church

What a difference we can make when we reach out to others with our offerings! Photos of the project can be seen below.

Hey, here is an update from our friends in the Philippines.

Hello Pastor Keith and Sir Dwight,

Thank you very much for your very generous gift for our building project. Attached are a few pictures of the second floor of the building.

For a few Sundays now, we have been using the second floor for the youth Sunday School class even if it is not finished yet. We praise the Lord for the space that we can use.

From this Sunday onwards, we planned to hold the service at the second floor. It doesn't have the windows yet but we like it there because it doesn't have the posts in the center that distract us.

The first floor of the building will be used for Sunday School classes for children and youth, while the adults will have their Sunday school classes on the second floor.

We are really thankful to God for giving this to us. We are so blessed. We praise God for partners like you who become God's instruments of His blessings.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. May we always be faithful to Him until He comes.

In Christ,

See the new photos showing the work on the second floor at the bottom of the page.





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