Photo Galleries

Photo galleries on Websites can be very popular to
members of a church and guests. They also can be the subject of
spam attempts and other abuse. If that turns out to be the
situation here, we'll put the photo galleries behind a password
protected firewall.

Website galleries can be very hard for you to set up. In
order to do so, you need a basic photo editing software package
and programming to produce the galleries.

You need the photo editing software for two reasons:    

  • Cropping out extraneous background. For some reason,
    people are unwilling to or zoom in on the subject matter
  • Most photo quality pictures have very high resolution
    and are, thusly, too big, in terms of size on a Webpage and
    in terms of file size. Before using photos effectively in a
    gallery on a Webpage, they must be shrunk usually in the
    order of 1/10 of the original.   

We do not have photo editing software on the site but, if
anyone is interested, I can make some suggestions. We do,
however, have the programming built right into the site to
produce photo galleries.



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