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24-Jun-9th Text: Judges 2:7-13 Title:“Living a Life of Consistency" Pastor Keith Axford
24-Jun-2nd Text: John 15:1-8 Title:“Abiding in The Vine" Part 2 Pastor Keith Axford
24-May-26th Text: John 15:1-8 Title:“Abiding in The Vine"
First couple of minutes missing
Pastor Keith Axford
24-May-19th Text: Matthew 10:27-31 Title:“By Faith, Do Not Be Afraid"
Recording is from Facebook - Lower quality
Pastor Keith Axford
24-May-12th Text: John 19:25-27 Title:“Loving and Honoring Our Mothers” Pastor Keith Axford
24-May-5th Text: Acts 1:1-12, Luke 24:50-53 Title:“The Weeks After – Ascending of Jesus” Pastor Keith Axford
24-April-28th Text: Matthew 28:18-20 Title:“The Week After – Telling Others” Pastor Keith Axford
24-April-21st Text: John 21:1-6, 15-19 Title:“The Week After – Restoring Power of Jesus” Pastor Keith Axford
24-April-14th Text: Luke 24:13-35 Title:“The Week After – Walking with Jesus” Pastor Keith Axford
24-April-7th Text: John 20:19-31 Title:“The Week After – Defeating Doubt” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-31st, Easter Text: Matthew 28:1-10 Title:“Christ Is Risen Indeed” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-29th, Good Friday Text: Isaiah 53:1-7, Romans 5:8, 2 Corinthians 5:19,21 Title:“The Good Friday Message of the Cross” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-24th Text: John 12:12-24 Title:“Jesus – The King Who Wept” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-17th Text: Luke 19:1-10 Title:“Zacchaeus Meets Jesus” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-10th Text: Numbers 13:17-33 Title:“Facing Giants in Our Lives” Pastor Keith Axford
24-March-3rd Text: Genesis 37:1-11 Title:“Healing of Hidden Hurts” Pastor Keith Axford
24-February-18th Text: John 15:9-17 Title:“Christ’s Great Love Received, Returned and Recycled” Pastor Keith Axford
24-February-11th Text: Hebrews 12:1-3 Title:“Staying in the Race” Pastor Keith Axford
24-February-4th Text: Acts 9:1-19 Title:“Transformation from Religion to Relationship” Pastor Keith Axford
24-January-28th Text: Isaiah 43:18-19 Title:“God Is Doing a New Thing” Pastor Keith Axford
24-January-21st Text: Ezekiel 22:23-31 Title:“Standing in the Gap” Pastor Keith Axford
24-January-14th Text: Matthew 5:14-16 Title: “A Good Influence – Being the Light of the World” Pastor Keith Axford
24-January-7th Text: Matthew 5:13 Title: "A Good Influence – Being the Salt of the Earth" Pastor Keith Axford
23-December-31st Text: Matthew 2:1-12 Title: "Characters of Christmas – Wise Men" Pastor Keith Axford
23-December-24th, Christmas Eve Text: John 3:16 Title: "To Us A Child Is Born" (some noise) Pastor Keith Axford
23-December-24th Text: Luke 2:8-20 Title: "Characters of Christmas - Shepherds" Pastor Keith Axford
23-December-17th Text: Matthew 1:18-25 Title: "Characters of Christmas - Joseph" Pastor Keith Axford
23-December-10th Sunday School Christmas Program No Sermon
23-December-3rd Text: Luke 1:26-38 Title: "Characters of Christmas - Mary" Pastor Keith Axford
23-November-26th Text: Isaiah 6:1-8 Title: "Majesty, Mercy and Mission of God" Pastor Keith Axford
23-November-19th Text: Ephesians 4:11-16 Title: "Jesus’ Idea of Church" John Pritchard
23-November-12th Text: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Title: "Temple Keepers" Sharon Phillips
23-November-5th Text: Galatians 5:16-25 Title: "Let Us Walk in the Spirit" Pastor Keith Axford
23-October-29th Text: John 17:18, John 20:21, Acts 20:24 Title: "I Am Made for a Mission" Pastor Keith Axford
23-October-15th Text: Romans 8:29 Title: "I Am Created to Become Like Christ" Pastor Keith Axford
23-October-8th Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Title: "Being a Thankful Person" Pastor Keith Axford
23-October=1st Text: Ephesians 1:5 and 2:19 Title: “I Am Formed for God’s Family” Pastor Keith Axford
23-September-24th Text: Colossians 1:16, Revelation 4:11 and others Title: “I Am Planned For God’s Pleasure" Pastor Keith Axford
23-September-17th Text: Romans 6:13 and others Title: “What On Earth Am I Here For?" Pastor Keith Axford
23-September-3rd Text: Judges 6:1-16 Title: “Seeing Ourselves As God Sees Us" Pastor Keith Axford
23-August-27th Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Title: “The Person God Is Looking For" Pastor Keith Axford
23-August-20th Text: Sermon not posted Baptism at Mons Lake Pastor Keith Axford
23-August-13th Text: Luke 22:31-34 Title: “Sifted but Sustained" Pastor Keith Axford
23-August-6th Text: James 4:13-17 Title: “Living in the Light of Eternity" Pastor Keith Axford
23-July-30 Text: Habakkuk 3:17-19 Title: “Trusting God Even Though..." Pastor Keith Axford
23-July-23 Text: Matthew 14:22-33 Title: “Attempting the Impossible" Pastor Keith Axford
23-July-16 Text: Isaiah 40:31 and Psalm 103:2-5 Title: “With Wings Like Eagles" Pastor Keith Axford
23-July-09 Text: Romans 12:1-2 Title: “Sacrifices to God” Part 2 Pastor Keith Axford
23-July-02 Text: Romans 12:1-2 Title: “Living Sacrifices to God” Part I Pastor Keith Axford
23-June-25 Text: Mark 6:35-38 Title: "You Have Potential" John Pritchard
23-June-18 Text: Psalm 73 Title: Psalm73 Greg Pritchard
23-June-11 Text: Psalm 25:5 Title:"Guided by Truth" Sharon Phillips
23-June-04 Text: Acts 2:42-47 Title:"In Complete Unity" Pastor Keith Axford
23-May-28 Text: Ephesians 1:22-23 Title:"We Are the Church" Pastor Keith Axford
23-May-21 Text: Mark 12:30 Title:"Loving God Passionately and Completely" Pastor Keith Axford
23-May-14 Text: 2 Timothy 1:2-7 Title:"A Mother’s Faith and Influence" Pastor Keith Axford
23-April-30 Text: 1 Samuel 30:1-8 Title:"Encouraged and Strengthened in The Lord” (Part 2) Pastor Keith Axford
23-April-23 Text: 1 Samuel 30:1-8 Title:"Encouraged and Strengthened in The Lord” (Part 1) Pastor Keith Axford
23-April-16 Text: 2 Timothy 2:8-13 Title:"What Is Your Gospel?" Pastor Keith Axford
Easter Sunday,
Text: Matthew 28:1-10 Title:"God’s Resurrection Benefits" Pastor Keith Axford
Good Friday,
Text: Luke 23:39-46 Title:"Calvary’s Three Crosses" Pastor Keith Axford
23-April-02 Text: Mark 11:1-11 Title:"Palm Sunday Passion" Pastor Keith Axford
23-March-26 Text: Philippians 2:5-11 Title:"The Name Above All Names" Pastor Keith Axford
23-March-19 Text: John 3:16 Title:"God So Loved the World" Pastor Keith Axford
23-March-12 Text: Matthew 18:21-35 Title:"Grace Extended" Pastor Keith Axford
23-March-5 Text: 2 Samuel 9:1-11 Title:"Grace Restores" Pastor Keith Axford
23-February-26 Text: John 1:1,14-16 Title: "Amazing Grace" Pastor Keith Axford
23-February-19 Text: Jeremiah 18:1-6 Title: "In the Potter’s Hand" Pastor Keith Axford
23-February-12 Text: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 Title: "I Urge You – Share the Gospel" Pastor Keith Axford
23-February-05 Text: 1 Timothy 2:1-6 Title: "I Urge You – Lead Peaceful, Godly Lives" Pastor Keith Axford
23-January-29 Text: 1 Timothy 2:1-6 Title: "I Urge You – Pray Unceasingly" Pastor Keith Axford
23-January-22 Text: Joshua 14:6-15 Title: "Caleb – Trusted God’s Promise, Power and Presence" Pastor Keith Axford
23-January-15 Text: Numbers 13:17-33; 14:1-10 Title: "Caleb – Fearless Faith and Courageous Commitment" Pastor Keith Axford
23-January-08 Text: Joshua 1:1-9 Title: "Only Be Strong and Courageous" Pastor Keith Axford
23-January-01 Text: Philippians 3:13-14, Colossians 3:13, and others Title: "A New Year" Pastor Keith Axford

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