Prayer Chain

Hands on Cross

What is the Prayer Chain?

It is a way of relaying prayer requests to those of our church family he feel a special call to the ministry of prayer. The goal of the Prayer Chain is stated in Ephesians 6:18: "To pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and request".

How do I ask for prayer?

There are a few ways you can communicate that you would like prayer:

What type of requests are received by the Prayer Chain?

We pray for individuals in the church, their families, co-workers, friends and neighbors . The type of request we pray for include Church needs, country needs and missionary needs. Whatever burden is on your heart is a burden we will share with you as we pray.

What if I have a personal prayer request?

All requests to the prayer chain are to be spoken to God and not shared with others.  However, if you have a particularly sensitive request you can check "confidential" on the Prayer Request and only the Pastoral staff will see the request and it will not be forwarded to the Prayer Chain. You can also ask that your request be "private" and the Prayer Chain will be advised not to discuss this request with others. You can use the Prayer Request form on this Website and send to the pastor only

How can I join the Prayer Chain team?

If you would like to commit to receiving and praying over the request made to the prayer chain you can:
•Indicate your desire to be part of the Prayer Chain team on a prayer request form in the pew.

•Send an email to:



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