Muffin Ministry


The Muffin Ministry is a ministry that came into being as the result of a "ladies only" Alpha Course. The Alpha Course had been held in a local home in the morning, and the ladies shared breakfast together. When Alpha was finished it was a joint decision to continue meeting in the morning to study God's word and to pray together. The meeting was moved to the church and rather than preparing a full breakfast the women enjoy fresh muffins and coffee - thus the "Muffin Ministry was born!

Muffin Ministry photo

The meeting usually starts with coffee, muffins (of course) and sharing our ups and downs of the week. It's so helpful to get different perspectives on situations and to discuss how scripture is so relevant in our lives today. We share our Praise and Prayer requests and then spend some time in prayer for each other, our families, our church, and our community.

Bible study time lasts about 1/2 hour after which we spend a few minutes in discussion before we go our separate ways.

Muffin Ministry PhotoSome of the ladies will remain behind to change the wording on the outdoor signs, others will work on crafts i.e. knitting, or trimming stamps to send to the Leprosy Mission. We will be making greeting Cards to send to "Voice of the Martyrs" for distribution overseas.

Muffin Ministry meets on Friday mornings at 9:30AM and runs throughout the year, breaking only for Christmas holidays. Women of all ages are welcome to participate and although there is no organized nursery,
you are welcome to bring your children - they will be well supervised by all!

Come join us for a Muffin and coffee!

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