Our Core Values


The core values of a church shape what – and who – it is. In order to be faithful to our Vision (what we hope to become) and our Mission (what we are to do), by God’s enabling, we will seek to create environments that practice these common Values. These values together, never in isolation, express the core, the heart of God’s kingdom purposes when we live them out as individuals and as His people.

G – God-Centered Following the Heart and Purposes of God. God invites us to be a part of what he is doing in the world. We enter into a relationship with God by responding to His love when we choose to place our trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him. God works through us to reveal the life-giving truth of His Kingdom to a world that desperately needs to know Him.

R – Reaching Others. God calls us to shine as His light in the darkness. To live a life that radiates His love and reveals His message of hope to the lost and broken people of the world. God calls us to look beyond the crowds to the individual faces and hearts He wants us to reach out to with His love.

A – Authentic Relationships. God desires for us to experience love, grace and truth as we live life together – sharing hurts, celebrating joys, and facing struggles on our lifelong journey with Him.

C – Changing Lives. God desires a deep, lasting relationship with us, not only during our time on earth, but throughout eternity. Our choice to follow Jesus simply marks the beginning. God call us love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. As we trust and surrender to Him, the Holy Spirit Molds us into the image of Jesus and shapes our character.

E – Empowered to Serve and Give. God entrusts each follower of Jesus with unique spiritual gifts and material resources. He powers us to be a tangible, enduring expression of His grace and love on this earth. Our whole being, body, mind, and soul, belongs to God. This includes our hopes, dreams, passions, gifts, abilities, possessions, resources and time. He asks us to willingly and joyfully offer it all to Him, and to trust Him to meet our needs.

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